X-Men Blue (2017)


Los 5 x-men originales se reúnen nuevamente pero ahora con ligero cambio… El nuevo líder del grupo es “Marvel Girl” AKA “Jean Grey” (finalmente) en busca de la redención que se merecen los mutantes.


X-men Blue 001




Jean Grey (2017)

Jean Grey (2017-) 001-001

Desplazada en el tiempo, luchando con un futuro/pasado que no le pertenece. La joven Jean Grey busca reafirmarse y lograr ser una versión totalmente diferente a lo que todos esperan de ella… o al menos intentarlo.

Jean Grey (2017-) 001-000


He estado un poco alejado del lugar pero espero actualizar de poco el contenido caído y estar subiendo las nuevas cosas y mantener esto al día… saludos

Phoenix Force

yuqi cosplays ♥

Hello gorgeous people!

It’s Wednesday, and can we all collectively say, WE MADE IT?! I know its crazy but I get more excited about Wednesday then Friday because I like knowing that the work week is just about half over! If Monday-Tuesday is an uphill climb, then Wednesday is the plateau and peak–with Thursday and Friday being my sprint downhill!

Last weekend I went and did a shoot with my friend Harvestbuddy, and it was so much fun! I had only gotten a couple of at-con shots of Phoenix back so I kept meaning to get some nice non-con shots of her :3. I only have one picture so far but I think it’s amazing! Harvestbuddy is a mad genius ^O^! Check his work out here!Phoenix1Fun fact, more people recognized me as Phoenix walking around the park then they did at Wondercon! At Wondercon, I kept getting asked…

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Jean Grey for X-Men Apocalypse! (Spoilers Ahead)

The DarkLight Saga

Jean Grey 2

X-Men Apocalypse has been announced to hit theaters in the year 2016 following the MARVEL-ous response of X-men Days of Future Past, which has become the highest grossing movie of the X-men franchise, raking in well over 600 million world wide. But what’s been at the front of conversations lately who’s going to make the roster of the next X-men film because, well let’s face it, everyone enjoys the cast of heroes and super villains this franchise has to offer.

Well we can rest assure certain characters because Singer has announced the arrival of them. And one of those characters is Jean Grey, perhaps one of X-men’s most iconic female players.

In the traditional lore, Jean Grey makes up the true X-men first class roster (which also includes Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Iceman) under the alias Marvel Girl. Yeah, I know…not like the movies at all but hey, they’re still…

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Behind the Scenes on PHOENIX!

Mah Muse Comics

Her name is Jean Grey.  She’s probably the most important woman in the X-Men – a beautiful, powerful, independent woman who wields tremendous power. But behind the scenes, Jean’s been the centre of a lot of controversy among the X-writers and artists!  Today, I’m going to go behind the printed page and reveal the secrets of the Phoenix!

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