Episode 12 – Dark Phoenix Saga by …

The Shazamcast

X-Men Month is finally over, and what a ride it was. Join us this week as we read our last X-Fic, as written by an author who has grown to be very important to us.

Episode 12 – Dark Phoenix Saga by …

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Phoenix Force

yuqi cosplays ♥

Hello gorgeous people!

It’s Wednesday, and can we all collectively say, WE MADE IT?! I know its crazy but I get more excited about Wednesday then Friday because I like knowing that the work week is just about half over! If Monday-Tuesday is an uphill climb, then Wednesday is the plateau and peak–with Thursday and Friday being my sprint downhill!

Last weekend I went and did a shoot with my friend Harvestbuddy, and it was so much fun! I had only gotten a couple of at-con shots of Phoenix back so I kept meaning to get some nice non-con shots of her :3. I only have one picture so far but I think it’s amazing! Harvestbuddy is a mad genius ^O^! Check his work out here!Phoenix1Fun fact, more people recognized me as Phoenix walking around the park then they did at Wondercon! At Wondercon, I kept getting asked…

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