Into the Psi Forest: Part 1

Mah Muse Comics

A week ago, there were a few conversation threads on The X-Men group that caught my attention. Usually I ignore a lot of threads that start going on about which characters are stronger than another. This is because, more often than not it degenerates into a vicious argument over which fans favorite character is better than another’s, and when you get arguing on personal opinion and  fandom, no one’s a winner.

Anyway this last week something really interesting happened, there were a couple of really well thought out discussions and studies and I wanted to develop (a little bit) and shine a light on a specific response someone had to Telepathy and other powers of the mind and how they relate to each other and individuals. I asked the author for permission to reprint and use what he had used so jlf Christians, here it is. Thanks for letting…

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