We now reach the finale of the Dark Phoenix Saga. Many feels are to be had. This one’s titled “The Fate of the Phoenix!”

It starts with the Watcher narrating. He mentions that Jean had “become one with a primal force second only to the creator.” I always forget that he said that. I wonder if Claremont included that line to justify letting her live in his original script, with the argument that she wasn’t responsible for her actions.

The X-Men are on the deck of a Shi’ar Imperial Dreadnought. Lilandra’s flagship. She says Phoenix must be destroyed. Gladiator tells them about Dark Pheonix devouring the D’Bari star, and killing 5 billion people in the process. The X-Men are understandably shocked. Xavier challenges her to the Arin’nn Haelar, a duel of honour, for Jean’s life. Beast is upset at Xavier issuing the challenge in all their names without consulting them…

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